This week we touched on basic sentence structure and practiced with a few short sentences.  We will do this in more detail in later lessons :]

Generally, the order of the sentence is as follows:

time, subject, object, verb, negation [not, never, no, etc.]

Verbs are not conjugated in sign language, so the meaning of the sentence [you vs. I, question vs. statement] is based highly on context and facial expressions.  Also, the sentences use only the necessary words to get the point across, which means they are much simpler than English sentences.

Examples: [words in brackets are optional depending on context]

I eat breakfast at 8am. –> 8 morning food/eat [refresher/breakdown: time is indicated by the sign for the number rising from your “watch”, then the sign for morning, then the noun/verb for food/eat–they’re the same]

She goes to work at 9am. –> 9 morning [she] work goes to

Eddie plays basketball every Friday. –> weekly Friday Eddie basketball plays

I don’t drink beer. –> beer [drink] never/not

I have a test on Thursday. –> Thursday test [I] have

Sorry if this format is confusing…if you can think of a better way for me to “translate” just let me know!