Hello, and welcome to ONU’s ASL Club of 2011-2012! We’re excited that you’re here!
Some general information from last week that you may want to reference from time to time:

  • Meetings are from 4:30-5:30ish on Thursdays, just in case you forgot.
  • The dictionary at aslpro.com is a good reference for those times when Jenny isn’t there to answer your questions.
  • The officers are:
    • Facilitator Jenny
    • Facilitator Maddie
    • Treasurer Ashley
    • Secretary Danielle
    • Blogger Katie.
  • This blog is where you’ll find recaps of all the lessons taught during the club year. Once we learn more words, I will be listing them here so you can review throughout the week. Grammar lessons will also be re-capped (; hopefully they will make sense as I am looking to teach languages the rest of my life!).

Last week was the first meeting and we learned/reviewed:

  • The Alphabet
  • Numbers 1-10(+).
  • Fingerspelling
  • The concept of Sign Names. This is a unique sign, given to you by a member of the Deaf Community, to use in place of always fingerspelling out your name in conversation. They are commonly used amongst groups of friends. These signs usually consist of, but are not limited to, the first letter of your name and an attribute or hobby of yours combined into a sign, although this is a matter of dispute in the Deaf/Hearing communities as well.